Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Im gonna start a new proyect! Im currently in the US... Im gonna be here for about a month. Right now im in Miami, but the 26 ill be going to NYC for 3 weeks. How lucky am I? I dont know if I told you guys but I looooveee to travel. And I think its really important in our Industry to allways meet to people and keep yourself updated with new trends and different pastrys. So I´m gonna visit every pastry shop or Bakery I can and try to let you guys know my sincere opinion. Any recomendations on where to go?? Im really excited about it !!

Mi nuevo proyecto!!! Estoy muy emocionada !! No se si les he contado antes! Pero me encanta viajar... y creo que en la industria gastronómica es super importante. Conocer gente gente nueva en el negocio y probar cosas diferentes. Por ahora estoy en Miami, pero el 26 me voy a NYC por 3 semanas. Asi que hoy inicie mi recorrido por las pastelerías. Alguna recomendación??

Hope u enjoy it us much as I do... See you soon with some pictures of a cute little store in Miami.

Espero que disfruten mi recorrido tanto como yo... Nos vemos pronto con fotos y comentarios de una linda pasteleria en Miami.

Our first baby showers of 2011 !

We ve been asked to do some baby showers in the past few months. This are some photos of what we´ve been up to...

Durante los meses pasados, algunas clientas nos han dejado ser parte de uno de los momentos mas felices de sus vidas... Su primer hijo.... Hemos hecho algunos baby showers asi que les comparto algunas fotos de lo que hemos estado haciendo...

Thanks!! How to be perfect for your tutorial! The bears turned out great!!

Teddy Bears made with "masa de mana" a clasic peruvian recipe! 
Ositos de masa de mana... una receta clasica del Perú

Lovely Cupcakes...

This are called "Mini enrollados de Oro" 

Mini Cupcakes

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Last month, one of our clients came to us with a very special request... Her little one first b-day. So this is what we came up with, Not bad... She was really happy about it!